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There is plenty to see and do in the surrounding area

Right next to us is museum Övralid, the home ofthe famous author Verner von Heidenstam and cafe Farfarstugan. At the lake below us there are nice beaches at Lemunda and Kavlebäck.

We have scenic hiking areas just around the corner that we will gladly inform you about. In Godegård forests are many mushrooms and blueberries.

If you go north you can visit Medevi Brunn and Vätterns Väveri.

In nearby Nykyrka the popular Restaurant Karolinen and a very well stocked ICA store, Axens Lanthandel, where you can also withdraw money from your bank account.

Motala is a mil south. Read more about this and what happens in Motala in Motala Municipality's Tourism page and www. .

About 30 kilometers from here the tourist towns of Vadstena and Askersund lie.

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